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Kevin Arrigo KEVIN R. ARRIGO Stanford University

My principal interest is in the role marine microalgae play in biogeochemical cycling, with particular emphasis on the scales of temporal and spatial variability of microalgal biomass and productivity in the Southern Ocean. This knowledge is essential to understanding how anthropogenic and atmospheric forcing controls the biogenic flux of CO2 into the oceans, and ultimately, to the sediments.

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Arthur Grossman ARTHUR GROSSMAN Carnegie Institution

The major goal in my laboratory is to examine how photosynthetic organisms perceive and respond to their environment, and to define how these responses are controlled and how they help the organism survive adverse conditions. While my laboratory emphasizes the basic biological aspects of acclimation processes (and is very mechanistic in its orientation), we are also taking both a genomic and evolutionary approach to study acclimation mechanisms used by photosynthetic organisms.

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Anne-Carlijn Alderkamp ANNE-CARLIJN ALDERKAMP Stanford University

My research focuses on how physiological and genetic properties of marine microorganisms affect marine biogeochemical cycles. Understanding the physiological and genetic adaptations of marine microorganisms to their environments allows anticipation of responses of phytoplankton and bacteria to changes in environmental factors. This knowledge is crucial in predicting the potential effects of global warming on the magnitude of oceanic carbon uptake. My current focus is on the Antarctic ecosystem, where I study the adaptive responses of Phaeocystis antarctica to freezing, iron limitation, and dynamic irradiance stress.

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